Submit WOTC Applications

The following individuals have been identified as WOTC eligible.
Step 1: Mark the candidates that have been hired.
Step 2: Review new hire information.
Step 3: Select the candidates you'd like to submit for WOTC and complete authorization documents.
Select Name Position Potential Credit Value Action
David Dye $4,800
Elane Ewing $2,400

Empowerment Zone Tax Credit Screening and Reporting

  1. Check to see if your business is located in an empowerment zone

    Your business is located in an empowerment zone!

  2. Complete the following template with your employees' information

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  3. Upload the template to calculate tax savings report:

    Upload Template Calculate

    Based on the data you provided, your business may be eligible to receive up to $9,239 in tax credits!

  4. Download Your Completed Empowerment Zone Tax Packet Report

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Automatically screen your new hire for tax credits worth up to $4,800.
Screening for tax credit eligibility is 100% free. GetHired will send your new hire a short questionnaire and alert you if you are eligible to receive a tax credit.
New Hire's Information:
Have multiple candidates to screen? Upload File to Screen Candidates
Step 1. Click the ”Download Template" button below and download the file.
Step 2. Open the file and review the necessary format and fields. All fields are required and their order cannot be changed. Only csv file format is accepted.
Step 3. Use the template to complete the required fields.